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Good question!  This program offers a number of benefits to you and especially to the  children in your care.  The primary goal of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is to improve the diets of children 12 years of age and younger by ensuring young children receive the nutrition they need while in child care. Children who eat the foods their little bodies and minds need often require less medical care, fewer services such as special  education, and are more likely to live up to their full potential. The key is to teach children positive eating  habits while they are young so they are able to enjoy these benefits  throughout their lifetime.  The benefit to you, the child care provider, is that you are reimbursed for a portion of your food costs, which assists by increasing your income for your child care          business. Parents benefit by knowing their children are eating meals consistent with recommended guidelines and aren’t required to pay additional fees for their children’s meals.



Welcome to Wyoming Nutrition Services!

Wyoming Nutrition Services is Wyoming's only sponsoring organization for child care homes for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

We at WNS applaud your commitment to children, and are delighted to offer our services to you. Wyoming Nutrition Services is a leading champion of quality child care in the State of Wyoming, and we are pleased to have an opportunity to support you as a child care professional.

Every staff Member at WNS has experienced caring for young children. Many of us have been licensed child care providers in our own homes or worked in a child care setting. We understand how challenging and rewarding your profession is, and we highly value child care. You can expect our services will be provided to you with respect, understanding and compassion. We are delighted to help you and are available when you need us.

Our Field Representatives will visit you in your home, provide you with nutrition education materials and answer any questions you may have. Our friendly WNS Administrative Office staff will help with your required paperwork, process your claims, prepare and promptly mail your reimbursement statements, and are available to assist you.

We strive to get to know each of you in order to best meet your needs

and are dedicated to serving you and the children in your care.

Thank you for allowing us to share the benefits of the

Child and Adult Care Food Program with you!